Juan Arroyo

Juan Arroyo

Juan Arroyo is a Professional boxer, born in Puerto Rico and moved to Miami at the age of 3.  He started boxing at the age of 13.  By the age of 15, Juan was sparring with World Champion’s Wilfredo Gomez, Julian Solice and Jorge Lujan. Juan’s natural talent won him the the golden gloves tournament. He was then fast forwarded into the Junior Olympics in 1980.  Here, at the age of 16 Juan  turned professional as per the advise of his trainers Jose ‘Caron’ Gonzalez and Luis Sarria _ who also worked with Muhammad Ali. At 17 he won the Florida title against Johnny Torres.

Juan became a local celebrity with the Miami crowd and the Mayor of Miami awarded Juan with a key to the City of Miami. He featured regularly on ESPN, Telemundo and Fox Sports with Ferdie Pacheco – Muhammad Ali’s fight Dr.

In the mid 80’s Juan fought around the world, He fought World Champion Barry Michaels in Australia.  He travelled to England with World Champion Roberto Duran and Boxing Historian Hank Kaplan to fight for UK boxing promoter Frank Maloney.  Promotions Juan also fought under were Chris Dundee (Angelo Dundee’s brother), Hank Kaplan, Romero Ortiz, Walter Alvarez, Tuto Zabala and Tutico Zabala Jr.

Some of Juan’s opponents included World Champion Hector ‘Macho’ Camacho, World Champion Ener Julio, Chris Calvin and Efrain Nieves. Juan’s boxing record can be found at http://boxrec.com/boxer/6361

Juan’s amateur record is 35-8 and his professional records stands at 38-5-4.  He was ranked as 5 in the world by the IBF and Latin America Boxing Association.

Even at the age of 41 in 2006, Juan was awarded Best Local Boxer by the Miami New Times newspaper. The Boxing commission awarded Juan for dedication to the sport of boxing for helping kids in Washington DC.

Juan is now dedicated to passing on his experience and passion of the sport of boxing.  At 51 he stays in shape and trains hard. He teaches fighters, classes and private tuition at Matt Baiamonte’s boxing club.